10 Essential Tools to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Strategy

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How is your social media marketing strategy working? Do you know how to measure and monitor your performance?

Without measuring your social metrics you could be wasting time doing things that don’t work and could be missing opportunities by not doing the things that do work enough.

Take a look at this infographic from Infographic World which gives you 10 tools you can use to measure the effectiveness of your strategy.

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What Social Media Platforms are Best Suited to Your Business?

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So you’ve heard social media is the place to be and joined every single platform going, but now you don’t have the time to manage them all effectively?

We here this quite often here at RWD, there are loads of networks to choose from but they will only work for you if you dedicate sufficient time and effort to them. Rather than joining them all choose those that are a best fit to your business and concentrate solely on them.

If you need help deciding which platforms are right for you take a look at this infographic from QuickSprout which tells you who should be using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and Pinterest.

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6 Things You Absolutely Shouldn’t Do When Marketing Your Services via Social Media

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Promoting your services on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can be tricky. People don’t like the hard sell so if you push too hard you could lose followers quicker than you can gain them.

To make best use of social media and to stop people unfollowing you take a look at this infographic from Salesforce which gives you 6 things to avoid and 5 things to do instead.

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3 Types of Content You MUST Create in Order to Prosper Online

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Sally's Special Services:

I love it! It is true. I recommend to all my clients to use either pictures or videos along with interesting content, but not too long. I know that I don’t read through really….long blog posts…or boring ones…or without an interesting home page for your website or blog. You actually have only a few seconds to grab people’s attention before they move on to something else.

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In case you’re new to internet marketing, or you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind when devising your marketing strategy – Google loves new, original and engaging content!

If creating content isn’t part of your internet marketing strategy yet take a look at this infographic from QuickSprout which gives you the 3 types of content you should be creating in order to build your online presence.

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Domain Registration and Mapping

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It’s here: you can now use your own custom domain with your WordPress.com blog. For example, if your blog was currently at example.wordpress.com you could buy example.com from us and we would automatically move your blog over and redirect all your links and readers to the new domain.

How does this work? Well to get started go to Options > Domains. You can enter the domain you want in the box at the top.

Enter the domain you want.

If the domain isn’t registered, it will ask you for some information and then register it for you, and add domain mapping, for $15/yr.

If you already own a domain you registered somewhere else, you can map it for $10/yr. The next screen will tell you how to change the DNS nameservers on your domain to point to WordPress, and once you do that your domain should be live within a few hours.

That’s it!

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40 Fascinating Words that Generate More Shares on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus

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Are you trying to get your content shared using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook? Want to know how to maximise the effect of each tweet and post?

Take a look at this infographic from Womanhood which gives you the 40 words that generate the most social shares. There’s also a bonus social media image size guide and optimum posting times for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest.

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How to Create the Perfect Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus Profile

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Are you just getting started with social media marketing? Or perhaps you want to create a profile on a social network you haven’t used before?

This handy infographic guide from Gryffin Media is just for you! It gives you the correct image sizes to use for each network and bonus tips on how to create a profile your followers won’t be able to get enough of.

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