What Happens in an Internet Minute?


What Happens in an Internet Minute?

Posted By  onMarch 13, 2012

Do you know what happens in one minute on the Internet? In just one minute, more than 204 million emails are sent. Amazon rings up about $83,000 in sales. Around 20 million photos are viewed and 3,000 uploaded on Flickr. At least 6 million Facebook pages are viewed around the world. And more than 61,000 hours of music are played on Pandora while more than 1.3 million video clips are watched on YouTube.

Computing is transforming and touching more people in a wider range of devices. From smartphones to tablets, netbooks and notebooks and even automotive; it can often seem like every one of us is connected. But while it’s hard to miss the proliferation of portable devices, it’s what we don’t see that’s the bigger issue.

What many don’t see is that the increase in mobile devices has had a tremendous impact on the amount of data traffic crossing the network. It’s a little easier to comprehend once we think about all that’s done on a connected device like a smartphone. Listening to music, watching videos, downloading photos, playing online games, refreshing Twitter feeds and status updates – all of those activities generate network traffic. Following is an infographic illustrates just how much data passes through the network in 60 seconds. Nearly 640K Gb of global IP data is transferred in just one Internet minute!

Today, the number of networked devices equals the world’s population. By 2015, the number of networked devices is expected to be double the world’s population. And by the time we reach 2015, it would take five years to view all the video content crossing IP networks each second.

So can our existing networks handle this explosion in network traffic and maintain consumer expectations for immediate access from multiple devices? And if the networks can expand to accommodate this growth, can they do it while maintaining security? Telco equipment manufacturers and service providers will be on the hook to ensure that we continue to enjoy access to information and entertainment on our mobile without any interruption to service.

Intel is working with equipment managers and service providers to help them do just that. Just recently, Intel announced its next-generation communications platform, codenamed “Crystal Forest,” that will boost performance and beef up network security to handle the increasing network traffic. By enabling equipment manufacturers and services providers to deliver platforms that grow along with the network, Intel is also enabling consumers to stay connected on intelligent devices every Internet minute of the day.

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