How To Avoid Being The “Tech Dinosaur” In Your Office

CBS Boston

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BOSTON (CBS) – Everyday it seems there is new technology in the office, and that can create a challenge for mature worker to keep up.

It is imperative to stay contemporary, however. Experts say you don’t want to be known as the “Tech Dinosaur” in your office.

With virtual meetings, Skype, and Excel, the office setting has changed dramatically over the years. Melanie Russell, a veteran marketing executive at Invensys in Foxboro, remembers a simpler time. “You’d go to a meeting in a conference room and you’d come back and have a stack of pink slips, ‘While you were out so and so called.’”

Keeping connected to all these changes is essential, according to Joan Cirillo of Operation ABLE, an organization committed to helping retrain older workers. When asked the consequences of not keeping up with technology, Cirillo replied, “You’re going to have a hard…

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